chickens in front of coop heater

Coop Accessories

So you’ve purchased your chicken coop, and now you’re not sure what to buy next. On this page you will find a series of articles about coop accessories you will need. And some you will just plain want! Believe me when I tell you that there is a whole other world of chicken coop accessories out there that you “can’t live without” (or so my wife says). Click on any major heading below to be taken to an article about the coop accessory you are looking for.

Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door

One of your first purchases has got to be an automatic chicken coop door. I must say, next to indoor plumbing, a chicken coop door is one of the most quality-of-life-improving gadgets that you can spend your pandemic stimulus checks on! Read about them in our article, “Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door” here.

Best Egg Incubator

For those of you who want to get deeper into the backyard chicken experience, I have written an article on the somewhat technical subject of egg incubation. In it, I discuss the factors important to your success at hatching chicks and then make some recommendations regarding the best egg incubator, depending on your needs. Read all about this in “Best Egg Incubator”.

Best Chicken Nesting Boxes

Check out our review of chicken nesting boxes here.

Remainder of This Page is Under Construction! Please check back!

We plan on bringing you links to articles on additional coop accessories, soon. I mean, how can you resist talking about chicken coop weathervanes (chicken themed, naturally!), chicken waterers and feeders (not just those old dirty buckets you’re using now) , chicken runs, and of course, chicken swings!