picture of white chickens


As you know by now, chickens are the center of attention in this website. They may be the center of attention of your life also (just don’t say that within earshot of your spouse, your children, or your dog. )

Its important that you select the right type of chicken for your backyard chicken flock. Are you mainly interested in egg-layers? What about meat-chickens? Do you care if your chickens are particularly noisy or aggressive? And how about those cute little bantam chickens, those mini-chickens?

If you’re just starting out, like I am, you may want to read this article about the “Best Chickens for Beginners.”

Future articles (remember that we are a “flock” of newbies writing these articles) will bring you our best research on topics like:

  • Heritage Breeds
  • Best egg-layers
  • Best meat-chickens
  • Giant chickens
  • Mini chickens
  • Show chickens
  • And, well, we’re not sure what else!