Best Gifts for Chicken Lovers Holiday Season 2020

Oh, so your best friend has backyard chickens and you don’t know what to get her for Christmas, or her birthday, or for whatever. Don’t stress on it. Here is a summary of the latest must-haves for chicken lovers-whether they are just starting out, or have been at it since before it became a “thing”. 

We’ve combed (get it: “combed” , like a chickens comb?) the internet, looked at every Amazon listing that included the phrase,”chicken gift”, and then searched all the the other backyard chicken sites as well. We came up with this list of what we believe are the most useful, practical, or just plain sought-after gifts for your chicken-loving friend.

Waterproof Boots

These boots were easily one of the most sought-after gifts we found in our search.  As any backyard chicken mama knows, its going to be wet. Its going to be cold. And sometimes its going to be stinky, too!  These waterproof rain and garden boots are not only fashionable (“Chicken Chic”), they’re also all-day comfortable, easy to put on and take off. And hose down! They’re also made in the USA, something to think about nowadays.

Finally, check out the reviews for these puppies. Over 4000 reviews and the average rating is five stars! It doesn’t get better than that. You’re welcome!

The Chicken Egg Collecting Apron

You know, one of the most satisfying activities of owning backyard chickens is….collecting the eggs!  Most of us start out picking them up and putting them in a basket or a bucket.  Then, after we’ve accidentally scrambled a few of them, creating a yucky mess, we graduate to using coffee cans, and maybe empty egg cartons. Over and over again. Come on, folks! Have you not heard of salmonella, or E coli? How about “flesh-eating bacteria”?  (Just kidding about the flesh-eating bacteria part.) Anyhow, we really liked these egg collecting aprons. For many reasons. One, they just give off a nice vibe.  They put us in the mind of pioneer home-steading women from Little House on the Prairie. Secondly, you don’t have to carry anything which you could accidentally drop. Third, they’re easy to clean-just throw in the washer every few days or so.


The Egg Scale

Ok, if your friend is a real backyard chicken farmer, she’s going to want to know exactly what size eggs her ladies are producing. This famous scale grades eggs from Pee Wee to XL. If it weighs more than XL, then guess what…it’s a jumbo!  (No kidding). Its also a nice addition to any kitchen counter. Its got that heirloom look going for it, too.

Chicken Magazine Subscription

This is for the backyard chicken mama who just can’t learn enough about raising chickens. I mean, there’s always the internet, but I don’t know about you, my eyeballs start to ache after I’ve scanned my 500th website of the evening and its time to go to bed. There’s something about getting a nice, new magazine in your hands every month on your favorite hobby. And this is the best magazine on the subject that we know of.   

The Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Raise your hand if you’d like to get out of your nice warm bed on a cold winter morning to let the chickens out of their coop. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

And yet, that is what you sign up for when you decide to be a backyard chicken owner. This one is actually built to military standards so it can withstand the punishments of harsh winters and hot summers. It also has the highest number of positive reviews of any automatic coop door on Amazon.

Not only that, this automatic chicken coop door is the first one to self-lock, once the door is down. Foxes can be pretty smart when it comes to breaking into coops, but having a locking door should give your chickens another layer of protection.

The Rubber Chicken Purse

This is obviously a must-have for any certifiably crazy chicken lady out there. It adorable, its very well made, and one of the customer reviews claims that it actually LAYS REAL EGGS !!! How’s that for a testimonial? 

Hallucinations and delusions aside, though, this purse is durable, and can hold a lot of STUFF! With over 1300 Amazon reviews, this is definitely an item in demand.

The Chicken Cell Phone Purse

Not quite ready to show the world that you’re a real chicken mama by buying the larger purse above? Well then, allow me to introduce a more subtle statement of poultry passion-the Chicken Cell Phone Purse. This whimsical cross-body cell phone purse is so popular on Amazon (1355 reviews, average rating of 4.8) that it is classified as an Amazon Choice for “chicken cell phone purses.” Yep, that’s a category on Amazon.   

But this cell phone purse is not just another pretty face. It is made from PU leather, a vegan material that feels just like leather, and it is fashionable. Finally, it is very functional. Not only does it hold a large-screen cell phone, it also has enough room to carry credit cards, keys, bills, and headphones. And its good for the planet:  Chala Handbags is an advocate of animal rights and welfare. They donate 5% of their annual net profits to help animals in need through the Heart and Home Animal Rescue Foundation.

Of course!!! Chicken Pajamas!!!

The maker of this garment proclaims that they are “perfect for any occasion.” How about that?  Now you have an answer to that question of what to wear to your next wedding, birthday party, bat mizvah, divorce proceeding, or child custody hearing! Seriously, these are adult onesies, and you remember (or maybe you don’t) how good those onesies felt when you were a kid. They are very plush and warm, ideal for the wintertime. Your chicken farmer friend will want these!

The Golden Rooster  

We couldn’t find a better piece of kitchen décor for a chicken lover than this metal rooster sculpture. This piece of folk art is so well rendered that we swore we heard him crowing at 4AM one morning! (Or maybe that was the next door neighbor yelling at her husband, again). He is a colorful beast with a very sturdy metal frame. He can stand indoors or out. (Although if he is outdoors, it might be fun to watch the hens swooning over him.)

How About a Coffee Table Book for Chicken Lovers?

Drinking with Chickens is a book which provides the reader with an excellent excuse to have a cocktail…with or without her chickens. “It’s 5 o’cluck somewhere!” she proclaims. This witty and funny author is an award-winning blogger in the food and drink category. And she’s also a passionate chicken mama, incorporating many of her  feathered ladies into the beautiful pictures of this book. Many of the reviewers on Amazon actually bought additional copies for their friends.     

We Could Go On…

We could talk about chicken saddles, chicken sweaters, and chicken swings, but there comes a time when otherwise informative articles start to get a little absurd, so we’ll leave it right there!