Remember when you brought home your first dog? You had to run out and get a really good leash and collar. A good bed. A nice bowl. The best food. And treats! A few toys. Well maybe more than a few! Same thing with your backyard chickens. Except there’s probably more things you’ll need to buy (and want to buy)! And don’t forget about chicken “math”, where your mind goes a little haywire and you end up buying more chickens than you ever thought you would ever own !!!

In this section, I will discuss some of the more pressing needs of new backyard chicken mamas and papas: feed, scratch, and grit. Read about these here.

I’ll also talk about the various types of chicken bedding you can use. Hint: there’s a lot more out there than just straw! Read about these here!

Finally, I’ll tell you about the all-important chicken waterers and feeders. And why big is always better! Read about this subject here